Tech Stirrups Safety Stirrups

Tech Stirrups Safety Stirrups

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Venice Safety Design is a mechanical system invented by us that allows the foot to get free just by pressing very slightly towards the moving part in case of need; the moving part then goes back to its original position. The Venice Safety Design is extremely resistant, ideal for all weather and environmental conditions and it is manufactured with the best metals; it is also submitted to several stress tests.


The Venice Plus Evo stirrups are equipped with 4 shock-absorbing inserts that allow the stirrup to follow the natural movement of the foot, so that the rider’s performances improve and the comfort feeling increases while riding.


The grip was specifically studied for the jumping and the cross-country disciplines: it ensures the maximum wet and dry adhesion, and its 5° inclination helps keep heels down.

You can easily replace the pad and the shock-absorbing inserts in case of need.