Medium Port Mouth Pelham

Medium Port Mouth Pelham

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Why choose a medium port mouth Pelham for your horse?

Pelham’s have been designed to be used with two reins, one attached to the top ring (snaffle) and one attached to the bottom loose ring (curb), which is used when needed for extra leverage. Can also be used with rounding’s attached to a single rein so that the mouthpiece and the curb come into action at the same time.

The medium port arches over the centre of the mouth, creating more space, which is ideal for horses with a larger tongue. The small ring above the curb is used for a lip strap which is not essential but is correct for showing and it helps to keep the curb chain flat. Pelham's are ideal for stronger horses who may benefit from the activation of the curb rein which puts pressure on the bars of the mouth, chin, poll and the roof of the mouth to help promote correct head carriage.

Medium Port Mouth Pelham: Key features...

  • Stainless steel mouthpiece with medium port
  • Can be used with two reins or rounding's attached to a single rein
  • Ideally used by experienced riders
  • Not dressage legal
  • Curb chain included with purchase
  • Bit strength: Strong
As per our size guide the A & B measurements of this bit are as follows...
4.5" - A=14mm & B=115mm
5" & 5.5" - A=14mm & B=130mm
6" - A=14mm & B=140mm

Stainless Steel Horse Bits...

Stainless steel is the most commonly used material for horse bits as it is durable, easy to clean and does not rust. Some of our stainless steel bits feature copper mouthpieces which help to create a warming sensation and encourage the horse to salivate and accept the bit. Stainless steel bits are suitable for a wide range of horses and are available in many designs so that you can choose the right bit for your horse and discipline.

Please note, for reasons of health and hygiene this bit is non returnable if removed from the template