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he 100% natural wax leather balm from HORKA provides effective protection for the leather. The wax creates a protective layer and makes the leather water-repellent. This prevents damage caused by moisture and fungi. In addition to the care with Dubbin, HORKA Wax also keeps the leather supple, shiny and tear-free. Enriched with vanilla extract.

Instructions for use:
- Apply the HORKA Wax (step 3) to cleaned leather with a soft cloth
- Spread it evenly over the entire product to create a protective layer

For optimal care of the leather, we recommend taking the following steps: Clean the leather with the HORKA Leather Clean, Cream Soap or Soap Bar (step 1). Apply the Dubbin (step 2) to care for the leather product and as a finishing touch the HORKA Wax (Step 3) for protection and preservation of the harness.

Do not use on suede products.

Be careful with the black wax: only use this wax on black colored leather and test it on an inconspicuous area. Black wax enhances the black color of the leather.