Equiline Belair Air Jacket - Black

Equiline Belair Air Jacket - Black

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The Equiline Belair Air Vest has been developed to provide riders with increased levels of protection in case of a fall from their horse. It is an ergonomically designed airbag jacket that can be worn with your everyday or competition rider gear. It can be teamed with compatible (at least 15% stretch) show jackets and worn underneath for a sleek look.

The Belair is inflated by a canister of CO2 which is secured on the front of the vest. The wearer simply fastens a connecting cable from the air jacket to their saddle, and if the rider comes away from the saddle during a fall, the CO2 cartridge is activated when the cable is released from the pressure of the movement. The Belair will then inflate in less than 80 milliseconds to, combined with the Level 1 D30 back panel, provide protection against hyper flexion and hyper tension, and reduce the risk of injury to the back, thorax and sides of the body.

One of the first air jacket vests approved by the NF S72-800-2022 standard and made of Cordura stretch fabric, you can wear the Belair with confidence and comfort. This material is durable yet flexible, and has a 3D mesh lining for increased breathability and airflow. The open cut-design under the arms allows you freedom to move and flexibility to perform your best.

A trusted brand in the equestrian field, Equiline understand that safety is paramount for riders of all disciplines and have created the Belair Air Vest to deliver enhanced safety when in the saddle, making this Air Jacket a great choice for wearing in a range of environments, such as when schooling a young horse, or when out show jumping.


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