Emilie Cyrus long waterproof coat

Emilie Cyrus long waterproof coat

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Emilie Cyrus long waterproof coat: to keep you constantly warm and dry during your outdoor sports

This long rain coat is designed to keep you warm and dry during potential bad weather or mixed weather.

The exterior of the Émilie coat is made of polyurethane-coated polyester . This special coating provides excellent waterproofing , preventing water from penetrating through the fabric. So you stay dry even in pouring rain.

Inside it, a polyester lining is present which allows the moisture produced by the body to be effectively evacuated.

The long cut in which the Émilie coat was created offers optimal protection against bad weather. It covers a larger part of the body, including the legs, thus protecting you more while allowing you to be completely free in your movements .

In addition, it is equipped with an adjustable hood for additional protection against rain and wind. The hood can be adjusted according to your preferences.

On its design, we see that it has a zipper at the front, covered with a flap. This double protection guarantees a watertight seal which prevents water infiltration.

Finally, you will also find various functional pockets , often also equipped with zippers, to allow you to keep your personal belongings close to hand and protect them at the same time