Uvex Exxential II LED Riding Hat

Uvex Exxential II LED Riding Hat

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The Uvex Exxential II LED Riding Hat is an innovative design that will increase your visibility to other road users when out hacking. It is ideal for use in low light and bad weather, with integrated LED lights that can be turned on at the touch of a button!

When the lights are not on, the Exxential II gives the appearance of a standard helmet as the lights on the sides are not visible when in stand-by mode. A plug-in coloured LED light at the rear fixes in place magnetically and controls the system while also shows the battery level display. The lights have 3 settings; constant, flashing and pulsating. Depending on the mode, one charge will last between 6 and 12 hours.

As well as this unique lighting system, the Exxential II LED Hat also provides high levels of protection to your head in the case of a fall or impact. One of the most important alterations that has been made is the lengthened external shell at the back to allow maximum protection right down to the back of the riders head. The 'pony-tail' cut out allows the hat to sit perfectly on your head.

The in-mould construction allows the Uvex Exxential II to be ultra-light starting at just 400g while providing maximum protection. The improved ventilation allows the rider to be comfortable while wearing the riding hat in warm weather. The chin strap features a monomatic closure which is easy to do fasten with just one hand. The FAS strap system and IAS 3-D size adjustment allows the riding hat to be fitted multi-dimensionally and to the millimetre to the shape of the rider's head with a rear turn dial.

This helmet is compliant for all competition use