Muckle Roe Ladies Waterproof Leather Country Boots

Muckle Roe Ladies Waterproof Leather Country Boots

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The Muckle Roe is a fully waterproof leather country boot made from durable, breathable and hardwearing nubuck leather and our CORE-TECH waterproof membrane is set on a high quality rubber sole which provides lightweight flexibility and traction on the ground.

Lined in a lightweight technical material it wicks away moisture and helps regulate temperature. These yard boots deliver unsurpassed day to day comfort, support and performance.

The CORE-TECH air & water permeable construction is highly breathable, allowing warm air to escape through pores which are too small for water droplets to get through, making them entirely waterproof.

A dual density foam cushioning system is anatomically designed to reduce strain on the foot from the impact of walking, with targeting support in the heel, bridge and ball of the foot absorbing shock and providing lasting comfort.