Fabriano Nylon Flexi Stirrups

Fabriano Nylon Flexi Stirrups

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Fabriano Nylon Flexi Stirrups are made from a strong, lightweight nylon with flexible side panels, which help position your foot optimally for a better feel and performance. Comes with two interchangeable treads (nylon & stainless steel), allowing you to fully customise the stirrups to suit your discipline and individual needs

ngineered using lightweight and high quality materials our stirrups offer great strength and longevity. Meticulously designed to provide a high quality riding experience for all.

Nylon Flexi Stirrups: Key features...

  • Ideal for most equestrian disciplines
  • Made from strong yet lightweight nylon
  • Flexible side panels help to reduce pressure on joints
  • Comes with two treads; nylon pyramid and stainless steel anti-slip
  • Sold in pairs