Classic Comfort Bridle OW

Classic Comfort Bridle OW

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Fine Quality English Leather Comfort Flash Bridle with Stainless Steel Fittings.

 A Superb Pressure Relieving Bridle.

The unique Comfort style of this Flash bridle means that the noseband attaches either side of the head piece, with no strap going over the head, thus relieving poll pressure. The softly padded headpiece is shaped around the ears for the perfect fit. The very soft padding is also featured behind the Browband, Flash Noseband and the top of the Headpiece for added maximum Comfort. Available in two widths, to cover all breeds.

Ideal for horses with Sensitive heads.

 The Standard width bridle consists of:-

 5/8" (16mm) Cheeks & Headpiece with a 1" (25mm) padded Flash noseband, with a 1/2"(13mm) Flash strap and 7/8"(22mm) padded Browband (including padding width)

Sizes: Cob, Full, Ex-Full

 The Wider width bridle consists of:-

3/4"(19mm) Cheeks & Headpiece with a 11/8" (28mm) padded Flash noseband, with a 5/8" (16mm) Flash strap and 1"(25mm) padded Browband (including padding width)