Blue Sweet Iron Hanging Cheek with Brass Alloy Roller Link

Blue Sweet Iron Hanging Cheek with Brass Alloy Roller Link

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Why choose a hanging cheek snaffle for your horse?

The Hanging cheek is a fixed cheek bit which exerts a small amount of poll pressure due to the cheek pieces being attached above the snaffle ring. Poll pressure can help to lower the horses head and encourage flexion, making this bit is especially useful for horses with a high head carriage. Can also be useful for horses that are unsure of the bit as it has limited movement in the mouth.

The double jointed mouth piece with brass alloy rollers distributes the pressure evenly over the tongue and bars of the mouth whilst aiding salivation and also helping to calm and focus the horse. Blue sweet iron oxidises easily which creates a warming sensation and a sweet taste in the horse's mouth, helping them to accept the bit. Please note that the blue colour will fade with use, this is normal.

Sweet Iron Loose Ring Snaffle: Key features...

  • Fixed, hanging cheek sides
  • Double jointed, blue sweet iron mouthpiece with brass alloy roller link
  • Can help to soften horses with a high head carriage
  • Bit strength: Mild
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Blue Sweet Iron Horse Bits...

Blue Sweet iron bits oxidise easily which creates a warm sweet taste in the horse's mouth, encouraging them to salivate. Some horses often prefer the warm sensation of sweet iron compared to stainless steel which is naturally colder. Sweet iron bits are therefore ideal for sensitive horses or horses that need encouragement to mouth and accept the bit.

Please note, for reasons of health and hygiene this bit is non returnable if removed from the template